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 ChemSynergy Americas LLC. Info 01.04.2011
ChemSynergy Americas LLC. office opened

 ChemSynergy India Info 31.05.2009
ChemSynergy at CHEMSPEC INDIA 2009

 ChemSynergy Asia Info 30.05.2009
ChemSynergy sets focus on fatty acid oil

 ChemSynergy Asia Info 28.10.2008
ChemSynergy opens office in Singapore: CHEMSYNERGY OLEOCHEMICALS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. .....

 ChemSynergy Asia Info 12.01.2009
ChemSynergy Donates to UCPB-CIIF Foundation for Elementary pupils

 ChemSynergy Asia Info 17.09.2008
ChemSynergy Asia Aquired Microsoft Nav 5.0

 ChemSynergy Amine Info 10.09.2008
ChemSynergy expands Amine business...

 ChemSynergy Asia Info 16.05.2008
ChemSynergy Asia, Inc. appoints Hazbi Chemicals as Exclusive Distributor for Pakistan ....

 ChemSynergy Asia Info 20.08.2007
Arctura Corporation signs Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with ChemSynergy AG ....

ChemSynergy AG

Your international partner in Oleochemicals

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Dear Customers:

Building upon our extensive experience in the classical global business of chemical raw materials and associated specialties, and as one of the pioneering companies in e-Business, ChemSynergy offer a complete sevice dedicated to Oleochemical products and renewable raw materials. In summary, we provide the following services:

Distribution and Trading of Oleochemical Products 
  • Classical and e-distribution of raw materials and chemicals focused on "renewable products"
  • Special focus on the following product areas:

    • Methyl Esters
    • Fatty Amines prim. -sec. -tert.
    • Amine Ethoxylates
    • Fatty Alcohols
    • Fatty Acids
    • Glycerine
    • Special Esters and Oleochemical Derivatives
    • Soap Noodles
    • Oils & Fats 

Consultancy relating to the bulk production of Oleochemicals

  • Consulting and strategy development in chemical process technology with an emphasis on the production of Oleochemicals.
  • Optimisation and commissioning of chemical production lines on a worldwide basis

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